Pre-Plan Your Funeral

Pre-Plan Funeral

No one likes to contemplate their mortality, but pre-planning and pre-paying for your own funeral can protect your family from added stress at an emotional time. There are a number of advantages to pre-planning your funeral, not least of which is you get to make your own arrangements.

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You Can Choose

  • To pre-pay for your funeral through a funeral bond
  • The location of the service
  • The flowers, readings & music
  • To be buried or cremated or a memorial service
  • Who will deliver the sermon or who will officiate your service


Cremation is the preferred choice for up to 70% of families in Australia. We can walk you through the cremation process whether you simply want the cremation or a service to go along with it—we are flexible, delivering a personalised approach for every client.  We can also help you with memorialisation options such as urns of which we have a variety of items display or can place a special order, keepsakes like jewellery, plaques and other commemorative items.

Flowers and coffin


For burials, you can choose between a lawn plaque or headstone—the design is a personal choice. Burials also include transportation and the purchase of a burial plot. Our team will assist you with funeral arrangements, taking the pressure off your family members and loved ones, allowing you to focus on the many other things you have on your plate.

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Other Funeral Choices


Seeing and spending time with your loved one prior to the funeral service is a personal choice and one we can discuss with you.


Placing flowers, casket spray or other items on the coffin makes it more personalised and can reflect the spirit of the deceased. There is no right or wrong item, this can be whatever suits you and your family.

Memorial Book

A memorial book serves as a record of those who attend the service and includes the person’s name and a short note or condolence. On such an emotional day it is hard to remember everything that happens and everyone who attends. 

Photo Tribute

A photo tribute is a wonderful way to share special memories at as part of a funeral service.  Our team are able to assist family with the creation of a photo tribute for your loved one’s service. or family may choose to create the photo tribute themselves.

Order of Service & Tribute Cards

Order of service booklets & tribute cards are a great way of providing guests at a service with something that they can take home and keep.  Our team are able to create a personalised booklet or tribute card designed around a theme family thing would be most fitting to reflect their loved one’s life.

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Our dedicated team is here to assist you and your family during this difficult time. We understand that every family is unique and we are here to provide personalized service tailored to your specific needs.

We are here to help and support you during this difficult time, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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