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Financial Considerations

When arranging a funeral at Guilfoyle Funerals, we manage payments on behalf of the family. Funeral costs can be broken down into the funeral director’s fee, cost of the coffin or casket, and sundry disbursements.

Funeral Director's Professional Fee

The work of a funeral director involves many hours of careful planning and co-ordination to ensure the service runs smoothly and as planned. This service fee covers the use of our specialised facilities, vehicles and work performed by our staff.

Coffin, Casket Or Urn

The price of a coffin or urn can vary considerably depending on the type of material it is made of, the quality of the workmanship and type of furnishings used.

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Sundry Disbursements

There are a number of payments to third parties that our funeral director will make on behalf of the family. These costs are set by the supplier and incurred at the time of the funeral. Some of the optional third-party services include:

  • Crematorium or council cemetery fees
  • Coffin
  • Floral tributes
  • Clergy or celebrant’s fee
  • Newspaper or radio notices
  • Musician’s fee
  • Doctor’s fee for signing the cremation permit
  • Certified copy of death certificate
  • Transport
  • Memorial book & DVD
  • Any other requests by the family
  • Transport from Interstate/International
  • Transfer Fee
  • After Hours
  • Memorial Book
  • Extra viewings
  • Misc
  • Catering
  • Advertising

We offer a very personalised service and every goodbye is different. This can be achieved in subtle small ways or in elaborate ways, depending on your families wishes. Contact our funeral directors at Mareeba or Atherton for more information.

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