The person, the informant, usually the next of kin of the immediate family.

There 32-40 man hours dedicated to each funeral. Plus all the other associated cost that go into each. We keep the highest standard to each individual and allow the 32-40 man hours for every individual funeral.

The cost of a funeral depends on the type of service, coffin or casket, burial or cremation fees, plot, headstone or memorial plaque.

No. If the death has not been registered by the hospital or nursing home, Guilfoyle Funerals will arrange for the death to be registered with the proper authorities.

Cremation is usually the cheaper option because there is no requirement to purchase a burial plot.

Essentialy all the same preperation the only real difference is there is no coffin at the service and no hearse, the funeral director does not need to be there but can be there to assist if needed

Yes a funeral is a very personal and there are no rules. we are here to help ,in some areas there may be permissions needed if wanting to carry out a funeral in a particular place.

 Priest, Minister or Religous Leaders. Otherwise it can be officated by one of the family or a celebrant or it can be a combination of both.

No – again there are no rules. The reason why Funerals, have been an important ritual and often help people say goodbye . A Funeral offers the completion of the persons life. It gives a time and a place for all to grieve together and to celebrate and give gratitude for our loved ones life.

A viewing is a very personal choice. Spending time with your loved one , can be a very benificial for those left behind. It can offer them closure and can be helpful in the grieving process and the acceptence of death.

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